Gamellito is a virtual pet facing the same limitations and challenges of children with diabetes. With this game, children can identify themselves with their new friend, and learn together how to take care of themselves and avoid serious health issues.

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Interactivity and Learning

Gamellito is a digital game that the child learns about the care of the diabetes type 1 (DM1) in a fun way. The game works as a social platform in which the children, with or without the condition, can share their experiences and have fun!


Games are part of the life of the children and can make a great difference in the educational media! In the game, the roles get reversed: Mellito is a virtual pet that has diabetes and asks the help of the child to help him with the care of the DM1. This way the child takes care of Mellito and learns how to take care of himself.

Health professional allies and parents or caretakers.

Parents and caretakers can learn with their children about their DM1 condition. Parents/caretaker, medics, psychologists, nutritionists and nurses can receive important data that help in the treatment and the care of the child, by working also as a tool.


The objective of the game is to help the children to learn about diabetes in a fun way by identifying with the Mellito. The tension of the game is in the discovery that Mellito can feel weak if his insulin is low, or have great consequences if it is too high. He can have reactions of weakness, shakiness and can even die. The child will learn how to take care of herself while having fun.

Core game

Mellito is the main character of the game, an extraterrestrial that lives in the Zaccari planet. He discovered that he has diabetes, with that his color changed from gray, like the others Gamellitos that live in the Zaccari planet, to orange. He started to have symptoms and in his researches he discovers a planet caller Earth with lots of children with the same problems as him. He then sends a signal to space that is captured by the player, that now can help him with his problem. The child mission is to help him to understand how to live with diabetes, by keeping his insulin controlled and go back to Zaccari to help others with the same condition.


Mellito needs to travel to earth to understand what is happening to him and the way to get to the ship is by running (Runner mini game), which also reflects the importance of physical activities. After he gets to the spaceship he need to eat his food accordingly to the insulin doses he will take (Running machine mini game). In Zaccari the dish making system it’s different: The table is a running machine full with all sorts of foods, then the Gamellitos need to choose a food that goes by them. When the Mellito mother ship gets to earth he need to get in a smaller ship to get to the ground (Space minigame) where he faces monsters that represent metaphors of: gluttony (especially candies), prejudice, junk food, hospitalization, change in the eating habits, adults fighting near him, birthday parties, among others.


Are a diverse number of questions and answers about diabetes. The child needs to win points to be able to play them, to then, have access to accessories and cosmetics to get Mellito prettier and stylish.

Our Team

Vania Vargas

Research and Development

Alan Salvany Felinto

Research and Development

Rosane F. F. Martins


Luis F. K. de Almeida


Luis F. L. Migliorini


Gabriel Xavier Felippe

Art Director

Mariane Okimoto


Debora Corsino

Research Assistant

Luiz Ramires

Web Developer

Vitor H. Bezerra

Web Developer

Team formed of professionals from multidisciplinary areas.

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